Advising – Electrical Studies


The activities conducted by SIEyE in the segment of electric energy transmission are related with the following items:

  • Electric studies for the Access and Uprating of transmission systems.
  • Optimization of transmission systems, including series and shunt compensation.
  • Analysis of beneficiaries and determination of economic benefits of the transmission works. Analyses of regulations on the transmission activity.
  • Preparation of Transmission Guides, which includes the following: the quality statistics of the Transmission System and studies on the performance and capacity of the system in relation to its superior installations of electric linking (132 kv and higher), including substations of reduction to medium voltage and the remnant capacity in the middle term.
  • Analysis of power exchange between neighboring electric systems.
  • Transmission studies, preparation of draft plans and transmission works budgets in order to determine the investment plans.
  • Definition of routes by means of field surveying, by which it is possible to know in detail its environmental impact and to draw up the installations draft plans.
  • Studies of the environmental impact of the new works. Calculation of electric and magnetic fields, radiointerference and audible acoustic noise in transmission lines.
  • Electric studies for the incorporation of new technologies in the electricity transmission systems.