Salto de la Loma Micro Hydraulic Station

Since 2002, SIEyE SRL has developed generation projects with renewable energy sources. These projects are the following:

This station was built in the 60´s; it´s equipped with two Francis spiral turbines, which estimated flow is between 1.5 and 2.5 m3/sec. In the 90´s, its operation and maintenance was suspended and an important part of its equipment deteriorated. As from 2010, SIEyE SRL became in charge or its repairing and put it into operation through an agreement with the company Energía San Juan SA.

Salto de la Loma Micro Hydraulic Station is a hydro-electric work located in the department of Jáchal, to the north of the city of San Juan. This station is designed to generate electric energy through two Francis turbines, each one coupled to a generator with a power of 600 KW each one, so the total power installed is 1200 KW. The rehab of Salto de la Loma MHS (600 kW in a first stage) will allow the supply of electric power to cover part of the demand in the city of Jáchal, providing more reliability to the system.

The main quality of this entrepreneurship of renewable energy is that this is a run-of-the-river station, so the water passing through the turbines is used for agricultural irrigation in the zone. The surroundings of the project, next to Route 150, provide a privileged location for the services and maintenance operations; and it doesn´t affect the daily activities of the zone´s inhabitants.