Simulations Tools

SSIEyE uses internationally recognized calculation tools to develop activities at the excellence level required by its clients. It has the licenses for the use of the following sets of programs:

Software DescripciĆ³n

PSS/E de Power Technology Inc.

PSS/E is an integrated system of computer programs that enables the following calculations and analyses of power systems:

  • Power flux and related functions of the network analysis.
  • Power Analysis of balanced and unbalanced short-circuits.
  • Construction of network equivalent.
  • Dynamic Simulation.


Set of programs which function under the same framework (Power Systems Analysis Framework). It possesses different modules: PSAF-FLOW (calculation of power fluxes), PSAF-FAULT (calculation of short-circuit power). PSAF-STAB UDM (module of dynamic and transient stability with module of models definition) and PSAF-HARMO (harmonics analysis).


Program for the distribution networks analysis with graphic framework CAD type. SIEyE also possesses the additional modules RAM (Reliability Analysis Module), SOM (Switching Optimization Module) and HARMO (analysis of harmonics).


Program for protections coordination. It possesses interface with PSAF and CYMDIST, which enables the analysis of protections coordination in the networks modeled in these programs.


Program for the design of earth settings meshes. It possesses a graphic interface that enables the visualization of equipotential points in 3D.


Distribution Reliability. Reliability Evaluation in distribution and transmission systems.


EMTP-RV is a sophisticated package of computer programs for the simulation of electromagnetic transients of electromechanical systems and control of multiphase electric energy systems. It possesses a vast variety of modeling capacities that includes electromagnetic and electromechanical oscillations, with duration from microseconds to seconds. Some of its uses include: commutation and the analysis lightning breakdowns, the coordination of insulation, oscillations of torsion of axis, ferroresonance and applications of power electronics in power systems.

PSAF, CYMDIST, CYMTCC y CYMGRD are programs developed by CYME International Inc., based on the models of the Institute of Research of Hydro-QuƩbec (IREQ).

SIEyE also possesses a calculation model capable of simulating the operation of a hydrothermal generation system, by which the operative costs, service quality, prices, and all the necessary information for planning the performance and expansion of the system can be obtained. It has been adapted for the calculation of the extra costs to power producers due to failures in the transmission system.

SIEyE has also developed specific calculation models; among them, a model for the demand forecast and a model for the analysis of beneficiaries, among others.