Advising – Electrical Studies

This is the most active area of the company, where SIEyE possesses remarkable skills and a vast experience, which is confirmed by its extensive background in Argentina and other Latin-American countries. It comprises activities related with the following aspects:

  • Performance analyses of electrical systems.
  • Planning of expansion of electricity transmission and distribution systems.
  • Evaluation of electricity generation projects and/or transmission projects.
  • Studies of Access Application to the Present Transmission Capacity.
  • Studies on environmental impact.
  • Reliability evaluations of different subsystems (Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Control Equipments, etc.)
  • Evaluation and analysis of electrical markets.
  • Design and Project of Detail of components of electric systems.
  • Optimization of electrical distribution systems.

The experience acquired in these issues is reflected in the detail of the works performed, which is included in the following sections.